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There are three really good areas to work with us.

Okay, there are more than three, but we think we can start all over with them.


container-software Bespoke software

If there is no product on the market that meets your requirements bespoke software development is excatly for you. Bespoke software is custom-made software that you can adjust, modify, and adapt to fit the demands and requirements of your business.

Prologix - Bespoke software
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Cloud computing

All computer systems need a place where they will carry out their business process. If you don't want to worry about hardware resources, we can help you set up the appropriate cloud computing environment.

By partnering with Microsoft we can help our customers to reduce costs related to Azure platform by improving processes and thinking creatively.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services
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IT Consulting

Our advisory services help our clients assess different technology strategies and, in doing so, align their technology strategies with their business or process strategies.

We offer multiple agreement options to help our customers with license Microsoft cloud services and on-premises software.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider
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How do we make things done?

  • Identification - At this starting point, project sponsors evaluate a potential project or proposal initiated within an organization or from a client.
  • Analysis - This phase defines the requirements of the system, independent of how these requirements will be accomplished.
  • Planing - Project details become more defined, giving the team valuable insight about the resources that will be required. The information collected in the previous phases is applied to an actionable plan.
  • Development - The development phase encompasses a wide range of activities intended to satisfy the full set of requirements specified for a project.
  • Delivery - The execution sub-phase is complete when the project deliverables are accepted by the users and the sponsor.
  • Maintanance - After project passes the design stage and is implemented, the maintenance phase of the software life cycle begins.

Our magic numbers

There are some important numbers for us. They are just numbers without any meaning, but we just love them.


Customer satisfaction is a measurement that determines how well a company's products or services meet customer expectations. It's one of the most important indicators of purchase intentions and customer loyalty. That's why quality of our services is very important.


Many sucessful projects that allowed our clients to automate their busiess processes, work in more efficient way, optimize time and reduce costs.

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